Carlos Palma A., CQF

Finance Professional and Data Scientist with over ten years of experience in asset management and quantitative analysis. Extensive experience handling large volumes of data in algorithmic trading and decision-making. My expertise includes developing quantitative models, machine learning (Python), and database management (SQL).

What I Do

Investment Analysis

Expert in financial analysis and asset management. Special focus in Fixed Income and portfolio construction. I apply rigorous quantitative models to enhance trading decisions and investment outcomes, thereby driving growth and innovation within the investment landscape.

Data Analysis

Specialize in managing extensive datasets and executing comprehensive ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes. Design and deliver dashboards that provide critical insights for monitoring and strategic decision-making. These dashboards are tailored to enhance operational efficiencies and support data-driven decisions across various business contexts.

Institucional Sales

As an institutional sales professional specializing in the Andean region, I expertly manage sales activities for both institutional and private banking accounts. My role involves the strategic distribution of bond deals, encompassing market updates, pricing calls, and the coordination of fund distribution efforts. I am adept at navigating the complexities of fixed income trading, leveraging my deep understanding of market dynamics to optimize investment opportunities for clients.

Quantitative Finance

Utilizing a blend of machine learning techniques and statistical analysis, I excel at portfolio optimization, algorithmic trading, and advance risk analysis. These competencies allow me to significantly enhance portfolio performance and mitigate financial risks, making a marked impact on the asset management strategies employed by the institutions I have served.